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Warmly celebrate our passing Michelin’s factory inspection

Warmly celebrate our passing Michelin’s factory inspection


On 5 September 2018, Mr. Yavis, a factory inspection engineer under the Asia Pacific authorized supplier of the US-based Michelin, paid a visit to our company for the inspection related to the social responsibility and quality management and control system.


The factory inspection that took one day long consisted of 4 steps, namely listening to reporting, reading documents, on-the-spot check, and sum-up & evaluation. At the last stage, Mr. Yavis spoke highly of our work and outcomes based on our consciousness to bear and fulfill the social responsibility during the business operation. He also gave credit for our complete quality management and control system, and our intellectual property protection system. They were established during our years of cooperation with famous companies from the US, Europe, Japan, etc. Finally, he raised higher requirements on the production process and details of specific products.


“Now you pass the factory inspection. You should realize that the world-famous Michelin products are expected to reach both craft and quality standards,” emphasized Yavis. In future cooperation, we are instructed to do our endeavor to manage and control the Michelin product quality and complete the management system of quality test files from raw materials to finished products. All this is real and effective control of product quality and the delicacy of factory management and product quality.


General Manager Gong, along with the General Office, Department of Sales, Department of Technology, Department of Human Resources, Department of Production, and Department of Quality Management, listened to the views of Mr. Yavis carefully and made a promise to Mr. Yavis that, during the production of Michelin products, the company would have good paper writing of two articles, say, “Delicate Management” and “Delicate Quality”, and would safeguard the international image of Michelin.


Department of Publicity

Date: 05/09/2018

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